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Data partners: people with data about trials

All data donors get full credit and recognition for their data, and citations from researchers downloading and re-using it through OpenTrials, as well as the knowledge that their existing data – perhaps from old projects – is being used and doing good. Some examples of data that the community can re-use:

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Funding partners: people who can contribute money, or other resources

As a funding partner you will have a stake in an important and groundbreaking data project, producing much needed infrastructure for medicine. There are also opportunities to prioritize a particular drug or disease area to work on.

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Community partners: people with networks, and knowledge

We always want to meet with more patient groups, trial sponsors, and any other organisations who will use, generate, or contribute data. You will receive updates, invitations to events, and the opportunity to help shape the project.

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Individual partners: people who want to contribute time to the project

As an individual partner, you can play a key role in helping to find data, clean data, understand it, develop the project, and help get others involved.

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Users: patients, researchers, healthcare professionals, funders

As a pre-launch user you can get early access to the data, and the opportunity to help shape the project. You can contribute with user testing of the Open Trials platform. You can also give us new user stories, feature requests, and validation of the project.

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