On 9th March, our Community Manager,  Ben Meghreblian, will participate in two sessions at Clinical Innovation and Partnering World in London. The event is a great opportunity for OpenTrials as it brings together leading experts in the fields of clinical innovation, outsourcing, alliance management and strategic partnering, with attendees from big pharma, biotechnology/technology firms, and contract research organisations (CROs). The focus of the event is on disruptors in clinical outsourcing and innovation, so we’re pleased to have been invited.

Ben will be giving a plenary talk, introducing attendees to OpenTrials, and will also run a roundtable titled ‘Aligning external with internal values’ which will explore some of the issues relating to clinical data sharing, including benefits to patients and researchers, concerns, solutions, and licensing issues (session details). We’re really looking forward to having some useful discussions, hearing industry views, and demonstrating the power of combining datasets in OpenTrials.


After presenting OpenTrials at the annual Cochrane Colloquium in Seoul last year, we’ll be giving an updated talk at the Cochrane UK & Ireland Symposium in Oxford on 15th March (session details). One of our researchers, Jessica Fleminger, will join Ben Meghreblian in giving an overview of the project, the latest progress, and ask for your feedback on the OpenTrials explorer.

We encourage anyone coming along (hello systematic reviewers!) to bring a laptop and make yourself familiar with OpenTrials so that we can have some fruitful discussions about what’s good, what’s missing/broken, and generally how we can make it a better tool for users.


User testing – medical librarians

We’ll also be conducting some user testing sessions with medical librarians, so if that’s you and you’re interested in helping us improve OpenTrials, fill in this form to let us know.

As always, if you have feedback about OpenTrials you can email us your thoughts, or file a GitHub issue if you’re familiar with it. We’ll keep you updated with any developments on the blog, but please make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter!

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