If you follow us on Twitter you may know that we presented our progress with OpenTrials at the Evidence Live conference in Oxford a few weeks ago. Amongst those attending were leaders across the world of Evidence Based Medicine, including researchers, doctors, and the pharmaceutical industry, so we were excited to participate!

It was great to speak to so many people who are interested in OpenTrials, both in terms of researchers who want to use the platform and those with a general enthusiasm for its impact on medicine.

Around 40 people attended our talk which explained why OpenTrials is an important infrastructure project for medicine, covered some of the technical aspects of the platform, details of what data we’ve imported so far, and lastly a quick demo.

If you’re feeling impatient, here are the slides from the talk, or scroll down for a summary.

OpenTrials presenting at Evidence Live 2016


Ben Goldacre and Vitor Baptista present OpenTrials at Evidence Live 2016 (photo by benmeg / CC BY)

What we’ve imported into the OpenTrials database so far

  • 331,999 deduplicated trials, collected from three clinical trial registries:
    • ClinicalTrials.gov 205,422
    • EU CTR 35,159
    • WHO ICTRP 298,688

Current functionality

What we’re importing next

Feedback and get involved

If you attended the talk and have any questions or feedback, please email us. And generally if you’re interested in contributing to OpenTrials, get in touch.

Want to get early access to the data and be a user tester? Sign up and we’ll be in touch soon.

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